Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

My first and only New Year's card - I love these side step cards.  They make a nice 3-D card and go together quickly.  I used a piece of 10"x6" card stock, cut in 2" from a point 2.5" from the top down to a point 1" from the bottom(which is really the front,bottom of the card).
Score at 5" for the tent fold of the card, then also at 2.5" from the top, 1"from the bottom, then another inch, then another 1.5" (X2).  The first inch score is folded to a mountain, continue folding onthe score lines, alternating mountain and valley folds. Remember to leave the left side (the 2" strip) only folded at the 5"score.  enjoy!! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo Backgrounds

Is it fair to gift a "working" smash book?  My youngest son is an awesome photographer, able to go to many sites for photos, so i thought maybe he could offer back grounds through this book.  ('course he has to take pictures of the sites first...)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let It Ride smash book

For some reason the rest of the pages froze up during the upload, but these give you a good idea of what the book looked like. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the "Let it Snow" smash book

This was the first smash book I made using the "stack the deck" binding and it turned out good enough to give away! My son and daughter-in-law and their children got this one.  They have fun times in the snow!! I love the blue/snow paper from DCWV too!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas gifts - "Smash books"

I had a blast making these smash books for some of my family - parents enjoy motor home "camping" with friends so they got the "Travel" book; (I'll post the others in the next few posts)  It was so fun to see them all open their gifts and love them as much as I loved making them!! These were all made with Laurie Dennison's (Follow the Paper Trail) stack the deck binding.  Check out her U-stream video or her blog for great inspiration!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve!!

I cannot believe that the most crafting I've done today is to take my supplies back to my craft room.  They do get spread out sometimes! and Oh! I RACK'd the pony in Meijer! - well, not the pony - but the kids who want to ride!

busy place too! These are the Christmas cards I made to deliver but the most fun I had was making some"things" I can't post til after they are opened on Sunday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to post a comment

How do I leave comments on a blog?

If someone has comments enabled on his or her blog, then you can usually find a "comments" link at the end of each post, like this:
If you click this link, you will go to the comment posting page. (Note: in some templates, this link may take you to the post page first. From there you should be able to find the "Post a Comment" link which will take you here.) The comment posting page looks like this:
In the upper left corner, there is an option to show or hide the original blog post that the comments relate to. The rest of the left-hand column contains any comments that have already been made. The profile photos of the comment authors may also display, depending on the blog's settings.
On the right hand side of the page is the space for you to enter your comment. Beneath that are the identity options. (Some of these may not be available, depending on the blog's settings.)
The options are these:
  • Blogger username: Your display name will appear, along with a link to your profile and your photo (if you have one).
  • Other: You can enter your name and a link to your website, without having to have a Blogger account.
  • Anonymous: No identifying information is displayed. The comment is credited to "Anonymous" without a link.

The owner of a blog also has the option to have comments open in popup windows. In this case, all the primary features will still be present, just arranged a little differently:
  • This article only covers Blogger's commenting system. Some Blogger users have installed third-party comment systems (e.g. Haloscan, Enetation, etc.) which will work differently.

Winter Solstice!!

Wow!! it's been over a month since I've posted - busy with Christmas cards and projects.  I seem to be going from one project to another and lovin' every bit!! What fun to have the time and resources to create!! and Crafting with friends is extra special.  At the end of Nov. (unfortunately) I learned about "December Daily" mini-books and so put one together quickly for my first.  I think it was a good start for this year so next year I'll plan ahead - and actually friends want to get on board too!! (can you tell I was multi-tasking - wrote 'diary' instead of 'daily"  - ah well ...NEXT year!)