Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

My first and only New Year's card - I love these side step cards.  They make a nice 3-D card and go together quickly.  I used a piece of 10"x6" card stock, cut in 2" from a point 2.5" from the top down to a point 1" from the bottom(which is really the front,bottom of the card).
Score at 5" for the tent fold of the card, then also at 2.5" from the top, 1"from the bottom, then another inch, then another 1.5" (X2).  The first inch score is folded to a mountain, continue folding onthe score lines, alternating mountain and valley folds. Remember to leave the left side (the 2" strip) only folded at the 5"score.  enjoy!! 

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