Thursday, August 23, 2012

new Cinch!

Hey!! Did you notice in my last post- - - my first wire binding on that little book.  It went together very nicely, but I need to practice making the wires rounder. I put off getting any kind of wire binding machine but now that I have it, I am soooo glad and can see that it will be a great tool for me!!

I had a chance to make a couple books for ladies that I don't know.  Funny how important it is to me to have a little bit of a "profile" of them before I made the books.  Here's a few pages of the first one and I hope that it is everything she hoped for!! Having a special request sure puts a different thought process into action!! Fun times!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have had some good times rounding out my equipment and supplies, along with becoming a Close to My Heart "consultant".  So now, I feel totally ready to get busy with it all.  Here are a couple things I made to give away at our Family Reunion.  It was fun to see and hear the comments, especially because most didn't know i made them!