Sunday, January 22, 2017

it's January again!

and you know what that means!  Yes, another resolve to do better on my blog.  Funny thing, I actually had thoughts of beginning a new blog!  I've had so many ideas and thoughts that I want to get down somewhere.  I'm not sure why I want to write things down, but I believe it may be because I sort of feel like I am gaining clarity in many ways.
   I am able to consider and act more pro-actively than re-actively.  And I know that God is more able to use me because I have been a better listener.
    We are in times of turmoil -- politically, socially, and for some, personally.  Each of us is in a place of self-examination, introspection, evaluation of what's around , that is trying to wedge into any spaces we leave open, gaps we've created by giving credence to un-christian influence.
     How do I/we react?  With kneejerk action, little thoughtful consideration, emotion driven, encouraged by mass and immediate responses from those we know and many more of whom we have no connection beyond the internet.
    Or do I prayerfully consider all things, and listen.