Monday, September 4, 2017

Taking Tme For Change

Hi! have you ever needed to just change in order to get some spark? I've been happy making cards and enjoying the friends who have come over to learn some new techniques! but WOW! I got in a rut and realized that I need change for a while- to just create for me and my mind, heart and soul.
   Some feed their mind, heart and soul with being artfully creative, others by being numerically creative, or mechanically creative, or even creative with cuisine. I'm sure there are many other creative outlets.  At any rate, I really see the importance of each person encouraged and allowed to create frequently.  It nourishes our being and soul. I think it may be more expressive of our thoughts and ideas than words can articulate, and there is no argument against one's creative expression.
   Maybe we get most frustrated, or frustrated more easily, when we use no time to create/make something on our own; find a solution, make something fun or pretty or useful or new or ugly...
Remember how quickly coloring books for all ages became popular? Maybe that is a quick and easy way to create- choices of what to use to color, choices of color, choices of which drawing to color.
      Hmmm, choices!
Maybe that's why I needed change - I had lost the choices in being creative!
HA!! while not looking for an answer, I found it (or at least one answer;-)

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